Meet Our Staff

Artisanal Tattoo has 2 front end receptionists throughout the week. From scheduling appointments and answering the phone to checking inventory, our staff helps keep the shop clean and organized. We also have a tattooing apprentice.


Jackie Sprague

Jackie has been working with Artisanal since May of 2016. She only works weekends as she works a full time position as a pharmacy technician. But somewhere between working 2 jobs she still finds time to do what she loves most - drawing and playing video games. Jackie has been drawing for as long as she can remember and began taking private lessons throughout high school and is continuing at Raritan Valley Community College. If Jackie isn't working or drawing you'll probably find her playing video games - her favorites being Legend of Zelda (hell yeah Wind Waker), Metroid Prime, and Skyrim.

Jackie is a freelance artist, making pieces on her own as well as commissions. She is always open to taking on new and challenging commissions (particularly if they're movie or video game related!)

You can view more of her art on her Instagram page by clicking below


Jess Mooney

Jess is a newcomer to Artisanal Tattoo; they started working as weekday receptionist in September 2017. Through a strange and meandering path of retail jobs and online resources, Jess accidentally found a passion for graphic and web design, and is currently managing the websites of a few businesses in addition to Artisanal. Jess has dabbled in several areas, including theater, lighting design, film production, drawing, and music. Jess' true passion is as a writer and fantasy cartographer, and has been working on a series for the last seven-ish years. It is probably giving Jess a headache as you read this.

In addition to frustrating creative exploits, Jess enjoys playing video games (Skyrim, Persona, Dragon Age), reading fantasy books (Discworld, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, HP), and learning about weird nature and history. In the summertime, Jess works weekends at the New York Renaissance Faire in a viking reenactment group, where they specialize in period-accurate woodworking and carving!

Jess' personal website is still under construction, but eventually they will fix that and you can learn more fascinating things.


Chris Bellucci

Jedi-Padawan of Artisanal Tattoo. Monster-maker, soul survivor, hero of time and space. Second of his line, second of his name.