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I'm the kind of guy that loves long walks in the park, holding hands, looking up at the sky on a beautiful sunny day and thinking to myself, life is wonderful...... I'm kidding. I like to joke a lot. I love my life, I love tattooing and I am extremely passionate about it. Life is way too short to be stressing over anything. If you're ever feeling stressed, just come see me and get tattooed. You'll walk out the shop forgetting what you were even stressing over.

I've been tattooing going on 6 years now. I love to do black and grey tattoos because that's pretty much all I understand. Being COLOR  BLIND puts me in this situation where I can focus on black and grey tattoos and try my hardest to master it. I love to do anything in black and grey, but my main focus is photorealism. I love doing animal and people portraits.